TOP 50 STL Business Idea of the Week: Measurements Shirt

I’m always amazed at how clothing seems to fit differently even though it’s supposed to be the same size. I mean, shouldn’t a large size at one store be the same size as a large in another store? The answer of course is yes, but that’s not the reality. I have shirts that function like the three bears, some are too big, others are too small and my favorites fit just right. And it’s just remarkable that pants with the waist measurement written on the label somehow fit differently. The last time I checked, an inch is a specific measurement so how do they vary? If you throw in the fact that I have trouble maintaining a steady weight as well as forgetting the typical measurements on the pants and shirts I should be buying, it’s just hard for me to find clothes that fit well.

So, my idea is a measurements shirt. Basically, it’s a shirt with built-in tape measures at all the places that count. It would have a sleeve that could adjust to the perfect length and width and a collar that adjusts as well. There would be measuring tapes for the arms, chest and waist. Of course, a pair of measurements pants would have to be developed to accompany the shirt in order to determine the perfect fitting pair of pants too.

I could see these shirts and pants working well for a tailor. I could also see them working for a retail store to better advise customers which of their version of large, medium, etc. will fit the best. This could also be used for custom mail orders; send the shirts and pants first and then customize the order based on the customer’s specific measurements. I’d certainly like to have one!

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