TOP 50 STL Business Idea of the Week: Tim Horton’s in Twin Oaks

There is a Jimmy John’s restaurant located in an old Dairy Queen location in Eureka. I know this because it was my idea. Well, it wasn’t an original idea because someone else put a Jimmy John’s franchise there but I had the same idea. I keep telling people that I believe ideas exist in a cloud out there that we can all access. There are these great ideas that can really be something special, but we have to harness them and EXECUTE. It really comes down to execution and maybe a little bit of drive towards seeing it through.

I actually went to the trouble of looking into the requirements for a Jimmy John’s franchise. You have to have a certain level of net worth and the necessary funds to invest in the enterprise. But, there are also designated regions where the rights can be purchased and it was my understanding, from looking at the Jimmy John’s website, that the rights to St. Louis had been purchased, so I abandoned my dream of opening a Jimmy John’s restaurant in Eureka. Calling it a dream might be a bit of a stretch, but a good idea nonetheless. Well, you can imagine my astonishment when a Jimmy John’s appeared in that exact location not long after I completed my research into the matter. It’s pretty clear that someone else thought it was a pretty good idea too, enough so that they put a little more effort into it than I did. But, at least there is now a Jimmy John’s in Eureka for everyone to enjoy.

So, I’m pulling another idea down from the cloud. There is an out lot in Twin Oaks next to the Schnucks location at Big Bend and 141 that I think would be a great spot for a Tim Horton’s. I have done absolutely zero research to find out the financial requirements to open a franchise although I do think I connected to someone on LinkedIn who is a part of the investment group bringing Tim Horton’s to St. Louis. I have also surveyed the two Canadian friends I have and they are in 100% agreement that a Tim Horton’s is a good investment.

I suppose I’m making an idea deposit into the cloud as I do with all my ideas on TOP50STL. My purpose is to organize my own thoughts in a way that I may actually EXECUTE on some of these ideas some day. I also want to influence people to create things I wish existed (which is the tagline for my company). I want to influence people at the idea stage, at the seed level, which is the name of my company: Seed Level Creativity Lab. It’s a lot of fun to throw out a great idea and have people agree with you. But, having great ideas is one thing. EXECUTING good ideas is the key. I’m hoping someone may hear the idea about putting a Tim Horton’s in Twin Oaks and think it’s pretty good. I don’t have the time to execute on that idea just yet so I’m offering it to the cloud. Maybe someone else will grab it, execute on it and put a Tim Horton’s in Twin Oaks that we can all enjoy.

Thanks for reading.

Brian Lunt

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