TOP 50 STL Business Idea of the Week: Water Tub Exercise Thingy

Let me preface this post by saying that it’s been a long week, I am working on starting several businesses right now while also populating this website and recording my podcast. On top of that, I am a husband, father and friend. So, my disclaimer is that while I like to launch an idea each week, they aren’t all going to be great, but here goes anyway.

I don’t really like to exercise. I really would just prefer to sit on the couch, eat junk food and watch TV (both of which I haven’t done in a very long time). But it’s a necessary activity if we wish for a long and healthy life. I always like to quote the saying, “You can make the time to stay healthy or spend the time being sick, it’s your choice.” As a natural “idea guy” I tend to think that I can come up with inventions and things like that to solve problems, one of which is not wanting to work out. 

So, I have several designs for a fun workout machine. My first design is a giant gyroscope. I feel like I saw one on an old 80’s movie about space camp or something like that. It looked like fun and I thought maybe it would burn some calories. I’m not really sure where I would put it through. Perhaps in the garage but then where would I put my car? My second invention was an exercise chair, something with built-in resistance features so you could basically workout while sitting down, which kind of defeats the point. You can either sit or be active, it’s hard to do both. Although I will say that my buddy Steve constantly shakes his leg up and down while he sits and I’m convinced he’s burning calories while he does so, but I digress.

My last idea was a Water Tub Exercise Thingy. That’s the technical name. I’ve often wondered if I could build like a giant plastic tub almost like an inflatable pool but instead of filling it with air, I’d add water, sort of like a reverse pool. Then, I would design it to fit in a way that I could climb in and use the resistance for a workout. Basically, I’m trying to design a tub that you can do water exercise in without getting wet. I’m not really sure how to build it or if it would even work, but that’s the kind of thing I lay awake at night thinking about. I guess they all can’t be million dollar ideas.

Thanks for reading.

Brian Lunt

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