TOP 50 STL Economic Development Idea of the Week: A New Group

St. Louis is a city of crossroads. We sit in a very interesting position in the United States, both on the physical and sociological maps. We are so centrally located that I believe we are just miles away from the geographic center of the country. We have long been considered the Gateway to the West and we sit at the literal divide of the Mason Dixon line separating the North and the South. Our city has a long, proud heritage and a very promising future. St. Louis is a city of crossroads.

The question for St. Louis is what road will we take into the future? I feel like we’ve been on the same path for decades, repeating the same predictable patterns with the same politicians, the same elites holding on to power and influence while the rest of us sit stuck under the status quo. We have the same racial divisions we’ve always had, both geographic and psychological. We talk about how rich the history of St. Lou is while hoping for a better future.

The time is now. The energy out of the entrepreneurial community is intoxicating. It’s the first real draw we’ve had to St. Louis in decades. People are excited about what we can create, about what St. Louis is going to be. I’ve jumped into the entrepreneurial community because I think that is where the change will come from. We have to harness this energy and use it for good. We have to focus on what’s going well; the positive stories about St. Louis.

I’d like to put together a group of St. Louisans who want to move the city forward through a focus on positivity over negativity, solutions above problems, what’s going right as opposed to what’s going wrong and the things that unite us, not divide us. I have a long list of organizations on this site that share in the mission of making St. Louis a great city. I say we all get in the same room on a regular basis to see how we can work together to make St. Louis a great city in the world.

Thanks for reading.

Brian Lunt

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