TOP 50 STL Economic Development Idea of the Week: New Town at Bussen Quarry

I spent a good portion of my life in Eureka, MO having lived there from first grade to high school and having worked there for about a decade after college. I’ve driven the stretch on Hwy 44 between Eureka and Fenton countless times and I’ve always been fascinated by Bussen Quarry. If you’re familiar with this stretch of the highway, it’s where the green dump truck remains on permanent display; they even decorate it with lights at Christmas time.

I suppose I’ve always been fascinated by the property because of where it’s situated. There isn’t much to speak of between Fenton and Eureka other than several large plots of land that house a wolf sanctuary, a boy scout retreat, a wildlife preserve and several other state or county-owned properties. I’ve always wondered what would take the place of the quarry once they’re finished mining all the rock.

What I’ve daydreamed about many times is a new community, one similar to New Town in St. Charles. If you haven’t had the chance to visit New Town, I highly recommend it. They basically built a town in the middle of a cornfield. But, what makes New Town so special is the architecture and the layout. There is a terrific mixture of colonial and traditional homes, something that looks more common on the East Coast as opposed to Missouri. There are canals that run along the streets and there is a charming main street that houses restaurants, grocery and knick-knacks. I love it. I think the development was really well done. The only problem for me is the fact that it’s so far away.

Now, I know a lot of people who think Eureka is too far away; and they might be right. Having lived most of my adult life in the central corridor, I now feel like Eureka is too far away too. But, I still like the location of Bussen Quarry and continue to dream about a New Town located there. At the least, it gives me something to think about when I take the long trip out there to visit.

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