TOP 50 STL Economic Development Idea of the Week: The Business Factory

I have been extremely fortunate to follow this journey I’ve been on over the past six months, blessed beyond measure as my friend Tom Hill likes to say. I have jumped into the entrepreneurial community as deeply as possible. I’ve saturated myself with only positive news about Saint Louis. I’ve looked to find quality, good-hearted people in town and I have not been disappointed. To begin the year, I sought out to start a business every week for a year, which is impossible……or is it? If you follow along on my site you know I love quotes so here’s one: “It’s not impossible; it just hasn’t been done yet.”

I want to build a Business Factory. I want to build a place that has every resource anyone would need to build his or her dream business. I want to build a place where a young entrepreneur can take their idea and turn it into something real. I want a place where a seasoned employee who just can’t take the corporate life any longer can jump ship and create a business of their own, but not on their own.

Imagine for me if you will a co-working space that houses all the elements needed to build a small business. Well, where do you start? At the beginning. What if we had organizational, financial, legal, marketing and sales resources that would spend a few hours plotting out your business concept with you? After your concept was well thought out, a business plan and a “how-to” manual would be created for you so that you would have a blueprint on how to build and manage your dream business. Then all the resources that you would need would be at your disposal to get started for a manageable cost. It’s not impossible; it just hasn’t been done yet.

This is a concept that is currently underway. As you read this, I am working with a team to organize a co-working space located near I-170 and Page and I am looking for resources in every discipline that want to help with this effort. What I want are organizational, legal, financial, sales and other professionals who are either currently or want to be independent contractors that come together to work collaboratively and know that we’re better when we share our knowledge and expertise with one another.

I was introduced to the Unique Ability Teamwork concept by the financial firm I was affiliated with, e3 consultantsGROUP. John Moriarty and Mark Benson have been tremendous resources for learning about how to organize and optimize work teams. I am also involved with a group called Experts4Entrepreneurs who introduced the book Work The System by Sam Carpenter to me. When I combine the concepts from Work the System with Unique Ability Teamwork, we have a Business Factory concept that I want to exist. My tagline – Create the things you wish existed!

The location our team is considering is a wonderful space with tremendous potential. Because it already houses a media studio, we are talking about becoming a co-working space with an emphasis on media production. It would be a tool that anyone can utilize to start podcasts, shoot videos, start a television show, etc. Focusing on media will allow us to offer a menu of resources that other co-working spaces may not be able to deliver and adding a business factory into the mix will really allow us to offer something special.

But, this is a challenge. There are a lot of specifics to iron out. This is a truly collaborative effort that would take buy-in from scores of people. But, I’m hopeful we can build it. I’m hopeful it will exist soon. I’m hopeful it will be an organization, a collaborative that offers something special for Saint Louis. I’m hopeful we can be a catalyst for great businesses that go on to do great things and implement a lasting, positive impact on the city of Saint Louis.

If you have any interest in this concept or exploring a spot in our co-working space, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Thanks for reading – Brian Lunt

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