top50stl business idea of the week: Dirty Shoes Docking Station

Shoes can be gross. The bottoms of our shoes can carry all sorts of things into our homes, especially when we walk over carpeted areas that successfully absorb the germs lurking below. Of course, knowing this hasn’t stopped me from wearing shoes in my house everyday and I have no idea what has accumulated over the years.

Unfortunately, there are times when one of my not so neighborly neighbors has allowed their four-legged friend to use my yard as a bathroom. Then, they break a very solid unwritten (and maybe in some cases written) neighbor decree and neglect to clean up after their little buddy. Naturally, me or someone else in my family takes a misstep into a number two puddle, soils their soles and then I usually get nominated for clean up.

A few times I have built a homemade bowl out of aluminum foil and filled it with some concoction of random cleaning products to allow the shoes to soak for while prior to digging in with a plastic fork or something comparable to thoroughly clean out the grooves. It would be nice if this homemade solution broke everything down so that all I’d have to do is rinse the soles off, because this is really a task I could go the rest of my life never completing again.

So, my idea is a docking station for shoes with a miracle solution that absorbs all the gross things that tend to stick to the bottoms. Every night, or really as often as we can remember, the shoes could be placed in the docking station overnight to soak in the solution and emerge clean…….at least until the next four-legged friend performs its business on my lawn.

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