TOP50STL Business Idea of the Week: Saint Louis Brewery Vivant

My wife and I had the good fortune to visit Michigan last year. Michigan is a great travel destination during the summer especially when St. Louis is hot and humid. The climate is very nice and the scenery along the many lakes is amazing! We spent day and a night in Grand Rapids and while we were there, we fell in love with a local brewery called Brewery Vivant. The beer was great and the food was delicious, but what made the space so unique was the fact that it is housed in a refurbished chapel complete with cathedral ceilings and stained glass windows. It is a beautiful building that has been given a new life by the owners. There website boasts that the building is “the first LEED certified commercial micro brewery in the world!”

I was very impressed; so much so that I started asking the staff whether they had plans to expand to outside cities at some point. My thoughts were that St. Louis has a very similar vibe to Grand Rapids especially with the way our brewery culture has exploded over the last few years. Grand Rapids has a tremendous beer culture that would match well with St. Louis. I also see ‘for sale’ signs on church buildings in St. Louis all the time and sometimes these architectural masterpieces are torn down rather than refurbished. It’s a travesty if you ask me!

So, I’ve been on the lookout for the right building to house the St. Louis location of Brewery Vivant since our trip to Michigan…..and I think I found it! I recently opened the world headquarters office for TOP50STL in the Central West End in the Tech Artista coworking space and just up the street on Olive (very near Juniper restaurant) is a church that’s for sale. I believe it most recently housed St. Michael’s Temple Church. It’s a beautiful building and I think it would be an ideal location for Brewery Vivant. Now, all I have to do is convince the owners in Michigan to expand to St. Louis.

Brewery Vivant

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