top50stl business idea of the week: snap-on license plate frame

I’m always amazed at some of the things that people display on their cars. While some people never dare to stick anything on top of their factory paint, others blanket their automobiles with bumper stickers and magnets that highlight bands, political slogans or funny sayings. I think most of us fall somewhere in the middle with maybe a sticker or two or perhaps a personalized license plate frame.

I think what steers most people away from adding stickers is the permanence of attaching something to their vehicle. I mean, it’s a commitment! What if your candidate doesn’t win the election? What if your kid drops off the honor roll? What if you have to sell your car to a Cubs fan and it’s covered in Cardinals’ stickers?

I have a personalized license plate frame on my car. It features one of my alma maters. But, I’m always conflicted about whether to change it. The truth is that I see other license plate frames that I like and wouldn’t mind switching out the one on my car from time to time, but it’s a pain to unscrew the old one and switch it out. So, my idea is to develop a license plate frame base that allows for a variety of facades that easily snap on and off. That way I can maneuver through every St. Louis season (meaning baseball, hockey (college) football and hopefully sometime soon, soccer). I could add a festive frame for Christmas or a patriotic frame for the 4th of July. I could even showcase support for my favorite political candidate, but quickly remove it if they happen to lose. The possibilities are endless and it adds another (less permanent) option for self-expression on our vehicles.

This is something I’d actually like to build. I’m not sure whether a patent on something like this already exists, but it would be something fun to create. I just need a workshop to build the prototype. It just so happens that St. Louis will soon have a space known as Tech Shop which is a new workshop featuring high-end technologies like lasers and 3D printers available to everyone through a membership. I think it’s a wonderful addition to the St. Louis area and I’m excited about all the technologies, inventions and new products that will soon make their way out of St. Louis. Very exciting!

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