top50stl economic development idea of the week – A.W.A.K.E. – STL

Does anyone know how much it costs to rent out the Edward Jones Dome and America’s Center? I ask because I know there are several vacancies left behind by the Rams and I’ve heard it takes too long to properly plan a convention in order to fill the void that will be here during the 2016 NFL season. I have an idea for a convention and I’m pretty serious about renting out the dome – if it’s even possible.

My idea is A.W.A.K.E. – STL which stands for A Wellness And Knowing Experience. What I’m imagining is a convention center filled with booths that highlight health and wellness initiatives, companies and people. Back in 2001, I stumbled into a conference in Sydney, Australia that highlighted a multitude of alternative medicines and esoteric teachings. It was fascinating. I learned about Reiki, a healing technique that focuses on the energy in our body – or chakras. I was exposed to the concept of lucid dreaming for the first time. There were booths that highlighted astrology, hypnotism and meditation techniques amidst a number of interesting alternatives to traditional medicine. I’ve always wanted to see something like that in St. Louis.

Basically, I’m looking for practitioners that focus on wellness outside of the realm of traditional medicine. I’d also like to see representatives from the companies that seem to inundate my Facebook feed. Do you ever find yourself cursing at the people that endlessly post about their side businesses specializing in weight loss or skin care yet you silently wish you knew whether it worked or not? Have you ever wondered whether the right diet, exercise routine or personal trainer would finally make your wellness goals come to fruition? Have you ever been curious about alternative medicines and therapies? I’m looking for you!

I’m calling on the local health and wellness community to contact me if you have an interest in having a booth. If you know anyone that sells brands like Herbalife, Plexus or Rodan & Fields, please send them my way. If you know any chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists or yoga instructors, send them my way. I’d like to see every available option in the St. Louis region for fitness, diet and exercise represented at this conference. I’d also like to fill a void left by the Rams. That might be a little ambitious but I’m not opposed to aiming high. At the least, I want to get a great number of health and wellness experts together in the same room so we can start planning the event. I will also be starting a crowdfunding site to begin selling booths, sponsorships and tickets to attend. I think that’s the best way to gauge interest with little obligation.

If you’re someone that wants to help with the execution of getting this done, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Thanks

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  1. Kevin McCulloch January 26th, 2016 at 11:17 AM

    Love this idea Brian!!


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