top50stl economic development idea of the week – STL Underground

I’ve always found the cultural heritage of Saint Louis fascinating. The history of Saint Louis is richer than many cities in the country due to its age and early influence of the French and Spanish, not to mention the influences of Germans, Italians (the Hill) Irish (Kerry Patch) and many more. With so many cultural influences, there is no doubt a myriad of sensational stories about prominent families, mobsters and dirty political arrangements. I’ve heard many of these types of stories over the years and a lot of of them may only be urban legends or old wives tales, but I’ve always wanted to document them in some manner to share and pass on for posterity. So, my idea is to develop a speaker series delivered by our fellow Saint Louisans; essentially an open mic night for sensational stories about the Saint Louis Underground.

I’ve started to share this idea with a few friends and colleagues and I believe it’s gaining some traction. We talked about hosting a monthly (or weekly) session of St. Louis storytelling in an effort to identify some great stories. We even talked about filming the events and organizing the stories into a documentary.

If you’re interested in collaborating on this idea, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Thanks

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