top50stl new business idea of the week – What Would Jesus Eat?

Many years ago I stumbled into a local Christian coffee shop and book store in the town I worked in. It was relatively new at the time and I really just stopped by to check the place out. It was warm and inviting and I stuck around long enough to enjoy a cup of coffee. While I sat there, I selected a book off the shelf called What Would Jesus Eat by Don Colbert. I was intrigued by the idea of imagining Jesus and his disciples sitting down for a meal and what that meal might actually look like. The book itself highlighted the typical foods that were forbidden by the Old Testament – so I guess that would be considered foods Jesus did not eat – but it also highlighted what Jesus’ favorite foods may have been. What the book was really touting was the health benefits of eating a diet similar to a whole food “paleo” style diet.

In my mind, I was imagining more exotic offerings like milk, honey and locusts. I imagined a setting that smelled of incense and featured plates of nuts and berries. I was once offered something similar at a hookah bar in Istanbul, but the vendor and I couldn’t come to terms on a reasonable price due to our language barrier……but, I digress.

My new business idea is a restaurant decorated in a manner that might coincide with the ancient days of Jesus. I admit, it may be closer to a restaurant the Romans would have frequented but nonetheless, I think it could be a fun experience and a sought after destination because, after all, there are more than a few Christians on this planet that may find an interest in eating a meal as Jesus did. It begs the question, What Would Jesus Eat?


If you’re interested in collaborating on this idea, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Thanks

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