top50stl person of the week: Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm is a Mad Man. He’s an Emmy-winning actor, a Mizzou grad and a native Saint Louisan. He is a tremendous advocate for all things St. Louis, a die-hard Blues and Cardinals fan and a defender of our local treasures. If you’ve never seen the episode of Jimmy Kimmel where he defended Imo’s Pizza, you’re missing out. While eating Imo’s with Jimmy, Jon said, “You can taste the Gateway Arch. It tastes like 11 World Series victories.” That sounds like a guy who loves his hometown.

Jon has been featured in University of Missouri commercials, narrated the official highlight film for the 2011 World Series (which the Cardinals won) and is a featured voice for the new Grand Hall Experience at Union Station. I chose to highlight Jon this week because I’d love to see him work on a movie or TV series that showcases Saint Louis. If there were any one in the industry that can make a case to bring a movie or TV series to St. Louis as either a location or even better a movie or TV series about St. Louis, I would think Jon Hamm would be high on that list.

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