top50stl person of the week – Stan Musial

I am a die-hard Saint Louis Cardinals fan, as are most of my fellow Saint Louisans. Being a Cardinals fan is something special, I think something bigger than the game of baseball itself. We live by the philosophy known as “the Cardinal Way” which can be characterized by a deep understanding and appreciation for the game along with a high level of respect for visiting fans, players and especially our Cardinals. The franchise itself is often praised for having the best farm system in professional sports. They are simply extraordinary at internal talent development. The Cardinals’ history, tradition and current management are one of the top highlights of Saint Louis.

I think there is no other person that symbolizes the greatness of the Cardinal Way better than Stan “the man” Musial. Stan Musial is a patron saint of St Louis – perhaps better adorned as a red robed Catholic than a bird on a bat. Stan was the ultimate symbol of class and dignity. He once returned money to the organization because he felt that he did not play well enough to justify his salary. It’s hard to imagine the superstars of today doing anything similar. For Stan, it was not about the money. He was a great man, principled and loyal……and we loved and still love him for that.

I know our town is in a bit of hysteria over the loss of a different St. Louis sports franchise led by a Stanley who has none of the endearing characteristics of Mr. Musial. In the end I think we have to define the “Saint Louis Way” in much the same way we have come to know the Cardinal Way. If we’re looking for an example on the type of organizations we want in St. Louis, we need not look any further than our own Cardinals, and if we need a Saint Louisan to emulate, there may be no better example than Stan “the man” Musial.

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