top50stl restaurant of the week: 5 Star Burgers

I have to admit that 5 Star Burgers was not my original choice for this week’s featured restaurant (especially since I just featured a Kirkwood restaurant last week). But, they also have a Clayton location so that helps me spread out my recommendations a bit. The truth is that I just had such a great experience there with my son last weekend that I had to include 5 Star as my featured restaurant this week.

My son and I sat at a high top table in the bar area. The staff was hospitable and the surroundings were comfortable. I must’ve felt comfortable because I realized I left my phone in the car and let my son sit by himself for about two minutes while I ran out to retrieve it. The NHL All-star game was on TV; it was muted so we could hear the music playing and I heard several of my favorite songs. The walls were covered with chalkboard paint featuring clever and humorous sayings and I couldn’t help but notice all the taps were filled with local brews.

My son ordered a cheeseburger + fries and I got the Blue Ribbon Burger + fries. I remember biting into the burger and really tasting the quality of each ingredient. Do you ever get that feeling when you bite into something and it’s just the right food at the right time? That’s how it was for me. The ingredients just all blended together; the music sounded great; hockey was playing on TV and I just enjoyed a nice lunch with my boy. I had a great meal at 5 Star Burgers and I recommend that you try it sometime soon too.

Five Star Burgers

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