top50stl restaurant of the week: Courtesy Diner

Courtesy Diner has the best chili I’ve ever eaten.

I could end the post there because that’s all that needs to be said, but everything we ate was delicious. My wife told me to order the chili and instead of listening to her, I ordered a Slinger because I knew it came with chili on top. But, she and my son both got a bowl and it arrived before the rest of our food. I tried one bite of my son’s chili and started salivating. I tried to get more from my wife but she fought me off like an Olympic Fencing Champion. So, I just ordered my own cup before the rest of our food arrived. It was delicious!

My wife shared a cheeseburger with my son which looked amazing as well. My Slinger came with some burger on it so I got all the delicious items assembled together into one. I just cant believe that was my first time there. The Courtesy Diner chili is one of those meals I know I’m going to crave. I’m getting hungry for it as I type this. Do yourself a favor and go grab a bowl.

Courtesy Diner

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