top50stl restaurant of the week: Side Project Cellar

I like beer……actually I love beer. I’ve sampled beer from all over the world and there is only a handful that I haven’t cared for. I’d been hearing about Side Project Cellar for years before finally taking the time to stop by and check it out a couple months ago. I met a buddy of mine after work for a drink. I shouldn’t say after work because it was about 3pm – when they open. We got there early because I wanted to make sure we got a table. I’d heard stories that it fills up quickly every day. It definitely filled in at 3pm, but it never got overly crowded. It was a Thursday after all.
The bar itself was nice. It felt rustic with a lot of wood. It was small but had a comfortable atmosphere. We sat at a table as opposed to the bar, but it looked like sitting at the bar was the most popular option. Even though I like beer, a lot, I don’t claim to be an enthusiast so I enlisted the help of the bartender to make my selection. She asked me a few questions and helped me pick my first brew. It was good. I tried a few of the beers on tap and of course, sampled the sour beer, which was the style I kept hearing about from the real connoisseurs. It was different, but not bad. I’m not sure how many I would want to drink at once, but I’d probably order it again just because it was an experience. Side Project Cellar is definitely worth a visit.

Side Project Brewing

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